Prevent Colouring

Our special formula helps remove oral bacteria and prevent teeth colouring. All the goodness in one spray!

Flouride Free

All our products are flouride free and each range contains special ingredients such as Chitosan and Tannins acid

Easy to Carry

The spray bottles are specially designed to be portable and easy to carry around.


All our products are food-grade and made with quality ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is T-SPRAY?

T-SPRAY is the first of its kind all-in-one cosmetic teeth and oral care breath spray to whiten teeth, prevent stains, treat cavities, prevent gum disease, freshen breath and decrease teeth sensitivity.

What is in T-SPRAY?

T-SPRAY contains xylitol to slow the growtn of cavities, menthol to kill bacterial in your mouth and freshen your breath and sodium anisate to kill microorganisms in your mouth before they can grow in your mouth.

How do I use T-SPRAY?

Simply spray inside your mouth and directly on your teeth, using your tongue to spread the film across your teeth.

Is T-SPRAY safe to use and eat?

Yes, T-SPRAY is FDA approved for your reassurance and 100% safe for consumption as its ingredients have Food Additives Certification. That means no alcohol, no microbicides and definitely no sugar.

I have a wound in my mouth, can I still use it?

T-SPRAY products are quite mild so they will not cause much discomfort. However, we still advise you to test a small amount before normal use as different people have different sensitivities. If your wound is recent, we advise you to spray around the wound and not directly on it.

Can T-SPRAY replace tooth brushing?

T-SPRAY is a great alternative for teeth cleaning and maintaining good oral care, especially when it is not convenient to brush your teeth. However, you should still maintain your daily oral care routine.

Is T-SPRAY for everyone?

Anyone  above 2 year of age is recommended to use T-SPRAY, even those whoare with braces, dentures or implants. Pregnant women and those with chronic illnesses can also use T-SPRAY but consult your doctor before use if you have any concerns.

Can T-SPRAY remove the scent of smoking or alcohol?

Although we do not advocate smoking in general as it is not good for your health, many of our T-SPRAY lovers are heavy smokers with the product being their best solution to remove bad breath.